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TOUR IN AUTO D'EPOCA - Lancia Fulvia Donnenzo
The legendary Lancia Fulvia soft top, sporty and comfy was the cult Italian car in the 60s and 70s. Driving Donnenzo’s Fulvia is a must, a drive in this beautiful motorcar will take you on an adventure in the Salento not to miss, you will see the ancient olive groves, the famous trulli, vineyards, sunset on the Ionic coast or a breathtaking sunrise on the Adriatic coast. An authentic and vintage style holiday all for you!

Cultural Route through History (15km - 4 hours moderately difficult)
Route LATIANO,  a town which hosts 7 museums, you have the central museum which is in the heart of the Dominican convent with art and Pulian traditions, the underground history of pharmacy, the old town including the “Torre del Solise” with the imperial square, the art and archeological centre of the town. After which you arrive at the “Casa-Museo Ribezzi Petrosillo and the “Casa del Beato Bartolo Longo” the beneficiary and patron saint of the Beata Vergine del Rosario di Pompei sanctuary. After visiting the old centre continue towards MESAGNE for a refreshment in a rural area in an archeological site “Muro Tenente”. Continuing to the majestic castle on via appia antica and a visit of the Urban Museum System and the sacred art museum of Palazzo Cavaliere-Argentiero and the local museum of “Castello Normanno Svevo which takes in the entire old town and the archeology of Vico Quercia, Saint Anna’s church and the Matrice church after which homeward bound.

Together with Capitani Coraggiosi we offer yacht excursions with experts who are ready to share their passion for the sea and the Salento coast, every day is a new experience of beauty not reachable from land. A trip in a boat takes you to places that are really uncontaminated where you will be able to swim in water that from the beach you will never experience. Experience caves that without a boat you could never see. The wild and beautiful Salento of the sea, an unforgettable experience only available from the sea! Departures from the port of Otranto and depending on the wind it is decided where to go, Santa Cesarea Terme, Castro in the costal park of Otranto or Saint Maria of Leuca or towards the north in the direction of Torre dell'Orso. Lunch on board enjoying local product and returning to the port of Otranto in the afternoon. This is a trip not to miss, taking you to parts of the Salento unreachable by land.

A trip in a helicopter is a wonderful way to see all the shades and colours that our coast has to offer. An unforgettable panoramic trip flying close to enjoy every view with the ability to take photos to keep the memory of this magnificent experience. Together with Salento Helicopters (www.salentohelicpters.it) you can experience from the air Gallipoli, Cellino San Marco, Otranto e Leuca. High standards and professionalism of the staff guarantee comfort and security during your flight.

Can you imagine a holiday submerged in a clear blue world under the sea, this is what a snorkelling trip can offer you. A weeks course of snorkelling in the most beautiful water the Salento can offer with walks on land filled with culture art and tradition in the heart of the Salento, ancient olive groves, ancient stone walls which could speak would have a profound story to tell. Porto Selvaggio with its coastal towers, the riches of Porto Badisco, the Roman Towers of Porto Casareo: pearls to be discovered together with an expert guide.

San Domenico:
A 40 minute drive from Latiano in the heart of the Puliese countryside close to the clear blue seas in the midst of the slopes of the valle d'itria and the port of Savelletri you can find San Domenico Golf resort. This golf course is one of the best in Italy, it beautifully glides between the olives groves of the ancient town of Egnazia and is a golfers heaven.

Acaya in the heart of the Salento in the midst of the ancient olive groves, mediterranean landscape, wild nature of the Cesine Reserve and the crystal clear waters of the Adriatic sea. Acaya offers an 18 hole golf course allowing you the variation of using all your clubs! Weekly competitions with a view!

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